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Visitors Admission - Özel Çapa Hastanesi

1. Visitor Acceptance:

Visiting hours are between weekdays and weekends between 10: 00-22: 00.

1.2 Visitors are required to comply with the Visitor Policy which has been posted in various locations.

1.3 Preliminary information on the patient's condition will be given by the nurse on the floor. For the relatives of the patients who want to know the patient's condition, the patient's physician will be contacted. If the relevant physician cannot be found, medical information about the patient cannot be given.

1.4 The patient is subject to a physician's permission in situations which may be inconvenient to the patient. This is reported to the patient's nurse. Information about visitor restriction is transferred by the nurse to the patient visitor.

1.5 The first degree service nurses and physicians will be responsible for the practices related to the visitors. Outside working hours, on-duty nurses and on-call physicians will be responsible.

The above rules will also apply for day unity.

2. Reception of Intensive Care Units:

2.1 Intensive Care Unit visit hours are 1 time EYB1 14:00, EYB2 14:30 hours on weekdays. Weekend visit hours are at 13:00.

2.2 During the visit hours, two people are taken to the patient and certainly not allowed to the third person.

2.3 Information is provided by the Doctors Responsible for Intensive Care.

2.4 The duration of the visit is no more than 5 minutes.

2.5 For the confidentiality of patient rights, no information is given by telephone.

2.6 Children under 18 years of age are not admitted to the patient visit.

2.7 The food is definitely not taken care of by the intensive care physician.

2.8 Intensive Care entrance to wear galoshes, hands to be disinfected, if there is an infectious flu infection with a mask on the mouth, dressed in the apron is taken.

2.9 The name of the person who visits the patient is written on the visitor form and signed on to the form….

2.10 During the visit, the patient is not touched, not opened and the devices are not touched.

2.11 Depending on the condition of the Intensive Care, the visit time may be delayed by the doctor until the appropriate time.

3. Newborn Intensive Care Visitor Acceptance:

3.1 Neonatal intensive care visit hours are between 1 AM and 2 PM every day.

3.2 Neonatal intensive care unit visit to the patient's mother is no one other than his father.

3.3 Information about the patient in the neonatal intensive care unit is given to the mother and father of the patient between 14:00 and 15:00.

3.4 For the confidentiality of patient rights, no information is given by telephone.

3.5 It is mandatory to disinfect hands, to wear sterilized gowns, bones, and galoshes when entering for neonatal intensive care visits.

3.6. The patient and the devices are not touched during the visit.

3.7. Depending on the condition of the Intensive Care, the visit time may be delayed by the doctor until the appropriate time.

4. Acknowledgment:

4.1 As a companion, only the Accompanying Card can be obtained from the patient's admission unit for identification.

4.2 The companions must comply with the Accompanying Policy which has been placed in various places….

4.3 The patient's companion should be provided with the necessary information by the nurse and the physician considering that we have been our guest during the time she stays in our hospital.

5. Rules for Visitor and Companion:

5.1 Smoking will not be allowed in the hospital building.

5.2 Visitors should not bring food and beverages other than the patient's physician recommended.

5.3 The attendants should be present at the time of medical care and visitation. The companions can help the patient to the extent permitted.

5.4 There is no companion in intensive care units.

5.5 Accompanying child patients should take care of the implementation of the Visitor Policy and also listen to the advice and advice of the pediatrician and help in the treatment.

5.6 If the food is desirable, except for the patient's doctor's recommended food, it can be obtained from outside with the knowledge of the physician.