Human Resources - Özel Çapa Hastanesi

Human Resources Policy

Our service is provided with a working system focused on ”patient satisfaction ile.

For this reason, we are aiming to develop itself, its team and company, to gain high level of education, to have empathy, to be open to innovation, to energetic and with the potential to develop its business, to provide successful people in teamwork and to improve them with continuous education programs, effective performance management, career planning and rewarding systems. .

In order to increase the level of knowledge, skills and quality of service in our institution, vocational and personal development trainings are provided, and pre-orientation, intra-departmental orientation and general orientation programs are organized. Thus, they absorb the corporate culture.

Our employees at the Private Anchor Hospital enjoy their job and each other and share the responsibility until the end.

How to apply to our institution?

  • Sending your resume to
  • You can come to the Human Resources Department and fill out a form.

Recruitment Processes

Your applications are evaluated by the Human Resources and Related Unit Directorates and our candidates who have the features required by the open position are invited to the institution for interview. In the interview carried out by the Human Resources team, the candidates are contacted with the relevant department managers if they meet the expectations of the candidate and the institution.

Our candidates, who are positive in the interviews and evaluations, are invited to participate in the private Çapa Hospital family.