Uzm. Dr. Akif Özgür GÜRSOY - Özel Çapa Hastanesi

Uzm. Dr. Akif Özgür GÜRSOY

Anesthesia and Reanimation


1992 Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Graduation
2003 Pamukkale University Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist
I have sufficient experience in Spinal Anesthesia Thesis Position, Low Flow and Minimal Flow flow anesthesia. Intensive Care is my special interest


Professional Experience

2003-2010 Private Yücelen Hospital, Operating Room and Intensive Care Responsibility
2010-2011 Private Hospitalium Hospital, Intensive Care Unit and Operating Room Responsibility
2011-2019 Private Safa Hospital Intensive Care Unit Responsibility
2019- (4 months) Private Hospital 34 Intensive Care Units and Surgery Responsibility
2020 Private Çapa Hospital Intensive Care Unit Responsibility


Vocational trainings, courses and conferences attended

I did experimental research on neuroprotection for 4 months at Medical College of Virginia.
Intensive Care Unit workshop studies.
Anesthesia and Reanimation Congress
Attended Anesthesia and Reanimation Congress sessions.
I gave more than 30,000 operations and anesthesia in private hospitals. More than 500 open heart operations. I undertook the treatment of more than 10,000 patients in the intensive care unit.