Uzm. Dr. Mehmet ÖZTÜRK - Özel Çapa Hastanesi

Uzm. Dr. Mehmet ÖZTÜRK


1976-1985 Hacettepe University
Eskişehir Medical and Anatolian Medical University


Professional Experience:

1985-1992 Ministry of Health
1997-2007 Fatih Sultan Mehmet Hospital
2007-2008 Private Batman Clinic
2008-2010 Paramedical Hospital
2010-2018 Ortospor Hospital – Levent
2018-2019 Private Sadık Ahmet Hospital, Private Experts Medical Center


Vocational trainings, courses and conferences attended:

1997-2007 National Medical Congresses, Eular Rheumatism Congresses,
Orthopedic Congresses, Domestic and Abroad.
After 2007, very few congresses as Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Phytotherapy, Manual Therapy.